International Trip Insurance for Canadians and Visitors

Are you a visitor to Canada looking for international travel insurance? Find out if you qualify for coverage from HDF and even buy your travel insurance online. Other travelers who may be interested in our international travel insurance include:

  • Canadians without a government health insurance plan
  • Visitors to Canada with a work or student visa
  • New immigrants to Canada who are waiting for government health insurance plan coverage eligibility

Or are you an international student studying in Canada? We offer competitive international travel insurance for inbound students as well. Our travel insurance specialists are standing by to answer your questions.

international travel insurance

We Compare Travel Insurance for You

If you want to compare travel insurance prices and plans to ensure you’re getting the coverage you need at the best price, why not let our travel insurance specialists do the work for you? With HDF, you have access to expertise and experience from a 100% independent broker; plus it doesn’t cost you anything.

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