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Whole Life Insurance – Security for a Lifetime

A whole life insurance policy provides life insurance protection for a lifetime. Unlike term life insurance, a whole life policy does not expire and also offers a savings portion that is invested by your life insurance company.

Other advantages of whole life insurance include:

  • Fixed, permanent premiums
  • Guaranteed tax-free death benefit that won’t change or depreciate
  • Savings portion has a guaranteed rate of return
  • Death benefit is paid out to a specific person or to your estate, you decide

There are also several tax advantages to whole life insurance. We would be happy to supplement this brief overview with answers to your specific questions. Contact us now.

Looking to Buy Whole Life Insurance Online?

Since whole life insurance is tailored to your long term insurance strategies, our experienced life insurance brokers compare and present your options after we have assessed your needs. Therefore, we do not offer whole life insurance online, instead you can easily request a quote.

Whole Life Insurance Quotes and Plans that Work For You

The best type of life insurance for you will depend on your current financial circumstances, your age, the age of your family members, as well as your future goals.

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