Term Life Insurance – Cost-Effective Short Term Protection

Term life insurance is intended to offer short term protection (usually 10, 20 or 30 years). This temporary life insurance can also be used to cover a specific debt, such as a mortgage or a substantial student loan. Compared to whole life insurance or universal life insurance, term life insurance is often the most affordable option for individuals or families with young children who want to ensure their beneficiaries are well protected.

We partner with a network of the most respected life insurance companies in Canada to offer you term life insurance quotes that meet your requirements and your budget. Use one of our experienced professional brokers today.

Affordable and Flexible Life Insurance

An additional feature of this type of insurance is flexibility to convert term life insurance into a universal or whole life policy. This adjustment allows you to take advantage of an affordable (term life) price now, but giving you the option of permanent life insurance at a later date. Ask us for more details.

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