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HDF Insurance is a full service insurance brokerage based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our customer base extends to every corner of Alberta, British Columbia and beyond. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of insurance services.

Few Alberta Insurance Companies Work as Hard as We Do

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An Alberta Insurance Company Founded on Spirited Determination

Howard Douglas was the great grandfather of David Douglas, one of the partners at Howard, Douglas and Farnell Insurance Services Ltd. (aka HDF Insurance). When Howard Agencies and G.G. Farnell Insurance merged in 1998, the partners decided to maintain Howard’s namesake as a reminder of the dedication and spirit that are required to build something worthwhile.

Howard Douglas was the first Park Commissioner to Banff National Park. A true pioneer and one of Canada’s first naturalists, he and his wife Maude, were the first white settlers in Banff.

In the late 1880s, the total number of buffalo in North America had dropped to less than 100 head. The buffalo was extinct in Canada at that point, until Howard went to the U.S. and brought a number of them back to sanctuary in Banff National Park. This was an unpopular task, as the buffalo had been eradicated largely by the design of white politicians in order to help bring the natives under rule. His tireless efforts have been publicly recognized and honoured in the dedication of Mount Howard Douglas, prominently located on the Trans-Canada highway on the outskirts of the town of Banff.

Committed to Being the Best Independent Insurance Broker in Alberta

In honour of one of our founders, we have chosen to retain Howard Douglas in our company name. We intend that, in having his name before us, we will be reminded to always try to take the broader view and go forward boldly as our faith dictates, sometimes in spite of the odds.