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Did you know that you don’t have to buy mortgage protection insurance through a bank? In fact, it’s in your best interests to purchase home mortgage insurance through a recognized insurance broker, such as HDF Insurance.

We encourage you to take the time to watch the CBC Marketplace segment on mortgage life insurance. This investigative report provides critical insight and advice that you may not be aware of.


Home Mortgage Insurance – Post-Claim Underwriting Means You’re Only Qualified to Pay Premiums

When it comes to home mortgage insurance, banks operate on the principle of post-claim underwriting. That means that your eligibility for insurance is actually determined when a claim is submitted. In essence, when you qualify for mortgage protection insurance, you are simply qualified to pay premiums and not necessarily eligible to receive a claim.

At HDF Insurance, we do things different

At HDF Insurance, we do things different. When you purchase Home Mortgage Insurance through us, you get a policy that will cover you. All of the qualification (pre-claim underwriting) is done during the time of application and is a more thorough process than that of the banks. However, once you receive your policy, you know that it will protect your loved ones and save your home. There is no guessing, just peace of mind.

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