Health Insurance in Edmonton for When Public Funding Drops Off

In Canada, we are fortunate to have some of our basic health care costs covered by government plans. Yet few of us are intimately familiar with the limitations of this coverage. Thankfully, brokerages like HDF Insurance offer dental and health insurance plans in Edmonton, throughout Alberta, and British Columbia to bridge the coverage gap when public funding drops off.

Edmonton Health Insurance for Everyone’s Needs

At HDF Insurance, we offer you a range of options and take the time necessary to understand your exact coverage needs. We provide health insurance and residents can count on us to keep your out-of-pocket expenses at a minimum. Whether you are looking for family health insurance, coverage for a student or a plan for when you travel, HDF Insurance is here to help.

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temporary health insurance coverage

Temporary Health Insurance – Coverage for the In-Between Times

If you’re between jobs, relocating from another province, waiting for your probationary employment period to run course, or a recent graduate who is no longer eligible for health insurance under your parent’s plan, consider investing in temporary health insurance.

Going without health benefits, even short term, can prove costly if you or a family member require medical services not covered by a provincial plan, or if you need emergency dental work.

HDF offers affordable short term health insurance

Short term health insurance doesn’t have to be costly. With today’s competitive insurance market and our ability, as an experienced brokerage, to compare policies that work best for you, temporary insurance premiums can fit into your budget. Plus, with some of our plans, there is no waiting period. Coverage is effective on the first day of approval.

Temporary medical insurance offers protection and peace-of-mind coverage when you need it most. Please note that temporary health insurance applicants must have government health care already in place. Learn more about the Edge below and some of our other health insurance plans.

The Edge – Health & Dental Plan The Edge – Application

health and dental insurance

Supplemental Health & Dental Insurance

Are you covered by a groups benefits plan, but would like to bump up your coverage with supplemental health or dental insurance? As a trusted brokerage, we offer many benefits.

  • An extensive industry network, which means better products and pricing
  • We are experienced specialists who know exactly what products are best for you based on your situation and needs
  • A comprehensive line of insurance products, from supplemental health insurance to home and property insurance to life insurance; one-stop shopping is convenient and can save you money and time

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student health insurance coverage

Student Health Insurance

Are you a mature student not currently covered by a group benefits plan? New to Canada and in need of health insurance for the first time? Or maybe you are turning 25 and no longer qualify under your parent’s medical plan? Student health insurance is just one of the many insurance products we offer at HDF Insurance.

As you further your education, it’s time to find an insurance company that can help you make the right decisions about insurance, throughout the various stages of your life. We want to be that company.

We would be happy to answer all of your questions about student health insurance, dental health insurance, even home and property insurance or auto insurance.

Please keep in mind that in order to apply for student health insurance, you must have a provincial government health care number.

Whether you’re ready to apply or just comparing prices, HDF offers convenient and free health insurance quotes. Use our online tool or contact us and one of our experienced health insurance specialists will provide your best option within one business day.

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