Shelter Your Small Business with Commercial Insurance in Edmonton

You’ve worked hard to get your small business off the ground. Ensure your efforts, investment, and your future are well-protected with adequate commercial and small business insurance. The small business policies offered at HDF Insurance can cover anything from business property, liability and business vehicles.

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Small Business Insurance in Edmonton

Our approach is to learn everything we can about your company. This gives us the information we need to get the best policy for you. After we gather all necessary information, we can then compare options and providers and design the most comprehensive and affordable plan for your needs. Trust us with your small business insurance policies in Alberta.

The Perfect Small Business Policy

Whether you need commercial property insurance, business liability insurance, or a comprehensive policy, HDF Insurance has a policy to protect your small business. We are able to provide a quote for your business insurance in Edmonton. Here’s what we need to get started on your quote:

  1. The exact nature of your business and number of years in operation
  2. Your business address, total customer area, age of your building, etc.
  3. Your projected and gross annual receipts
  4. Commercial vehicle information, as well as information about your drivers

Once you have gathered this information, feel free to contact us for a free assessment.

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