Business Liability Insurance – Professional and Personal Protection

Business liability insurance is a broad term for a risk transfer system that offers protection from third party claims. Business liability insurance shields business owners and professionals and can cover claims associated with errors and omissions, accidents, malpractice, and more.

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Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance is the most basic form of business liability insurance. As part of a comprehensive business package, commercial general liability insurance will protect you from third party accountability claims outlined in your policy. This can include bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and defence costs of legal action. Commercial general liability insurance for business does not cover professional liability.

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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance covers losses to a 3rd party which occurred as a result of a mistake while performing one’s professional duties, as opposed to a general accident such as a slip and fall. Business owners, practitioners and consultants who provide advice or service and who could possibly incur legal action as the result of an error should carry professional liability insurance.

Errors and Omissions Insurance – What is Your Risk Exposure?

Our experienced brokers can help you assess your exposure to personal and professional risk. With over 30 years experience, we know what questions to ask and have access to resources and a wide range of providers that will help us design a plan that’s right for your needs.

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Learn more about our many specialized business liability products below

IT Liability Insurance – Specialized Coverage for IT Consultants

HDF Insurance has become a recognized leader in the provision of specialized IT liability insurance in Canada. Since 1992, our custom tailored information technology insurance products have been sought after for their comprehensive coverage and affordable pricing.

As risk management specialists, we take your personal and professional needs into account by offering a complete package.

  • IT liability insurance – includes both commercial general liability and professional liability (errors and omissions)
  • Employee group benefits – covers health and dental expenses; premiums are mostly tax deductible
  • Disability income replacement – adequate IT consultant insurance should protect your most important asset – your income
  • Home and office protection – covers your business equipment and assets not covered by your home insurance
  • Critical illness insurance – provides a lump sum benefit in the event of a critical illness such as cancer, stroke and heart attacks
Project Management Liability Insurance

Designed for professionals in the construction, oil and gas industries, as well as others, project management insurance, or more accurately project management protective liability insurance, (PMPL) has become an important tool in the management of extensive projects. Since large projects carry a high degree of risk, project management insurance can help you avoid the risk of loss from costly delays, bodily injury, supplier issues or inadequate coverage.

Project Management Liability Insurance Offers Better Protection

This specialized product goes above and beyond general liability insurance, which may have limitations and restrictions. The benefits of project management insurance include:

  • Coverage is in effect at the beginning of the design process through completion, and up to three to ten years afterward
  • Premiums and limits are dedicated to a specific project
  • Provides coverage for all professional consultants on the project
  • Owners protective liability – owners can be named as an additional insured
  • Project management liability insurance provides a single source of responsibility for claims
Product Liability Insurance – Smart Business Protection

Whether you’re involved in product development, manufacturing, marketing or distribution, product liability insurance is an essential component of a business insurance package. Regardless of your involvement in a product’s lifecycle, you may be found legally liable if that product is deemed defective and causes damage, loss or injury.

HDF for Product Liability Insurance – Turn to Experience and Rest Assured

The amount of product liability coverage you require depends on the type of product and the level of risk involved in that product. At HDF Insurance, our commercial specialists have decades of experience and resources to ensure you reap the benefits of product development without the worry of liability protection. Contact us today!

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Previously exclusive to publicly-traded companies, directors and officers liability insurance is now available for private companies and non-profit associations. In fact, any organization with directors and officers should carry this specialized insurance coverage.

It provides personal financial protection to directors and officers from liability claims connected to their corporate positions. This type of coverage also protects the corporation against losses.

Personal Liability of Officers – What is Covered?

For directors and officers liability insurance, definitions of loss include damages, judgements, awards, settlements and defence costs, but do not include fines, taxes or penalties. These are uninsurable matters under the law.

Whether you are a director, chairman of a board or have been asked to sit on a board of an organization that does not carry directors and officer liability insurance, we strongly recommend you contact us today to put this essential coverage in place.

Biotechnology Liability Insurance

Think about this when considering your need for biotechnology liability insurance… Class action suits against pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are becoming an everyday occurrence. Regardless of the amount of clinical trials and other safeguards in place, adverse side effects, including death, can be an inherent danger when it comes to pharmaceuticals, medical and biotechnological advances.

Comprehensive biotechnology liability insurance from HDF Insurance brokerage will help provide coverage against extensive financial loss. Our experienced commercial brokers can ensure you’re protected with professional liability and/or product liability insurance. We are knowledgeable, proactive, offer mass market representation and are genuinely concerned about your best interests. Contact us today and let us work for you!

Construction Liability Insurance – Builder’s Risk Insurance

Our experienced brokers have worked with builders, general contractors and construction professionals for over three decades. We know our industry – and yours. We get to know our clients. We provide quick quotes. We have access to an extensive network of insurance providers. But most importantly, We Work For You. Contact us today for construction liability insurance and all of your insurance needs.

Our experienced brokers can help you determine what type of commercial/business policy you need, how much coverage you need and provide some of the most competitive liability insurance rates in the industry

Business Liability Insurance – Rates and Assessments

Commercial – business liability insurance comes in two basic forms, commercial – business general liability insurance and professional liability / errors and omissions. The distinguishing factor between these two products is that general liability is associated with accidents, and professional liability covers errors in judgement while performing your professional duties.

While every company should carry general liability insurance, the need for professional liability protection is dependent on your occupation. Our experienced business liability insurance brokers at HDF can help you identify the right liability insurance coverage for your business or profession. We look forward to getting to know your business inside and out so we can represent your best interests and be your insurance partner as your company evolves.

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