Tips to avoid distracted driving

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Technological advancements have been a blessing in many ways, allowing people to multitask more efficiently and reduce the time it takes to accomplish everything in the first place. Self-driving cars are eventually expected to take over, but until then, distracted driving is both a realistic and dangerous concern as we usually travel at a minimum of 50 kilometres an hour. Avoiding side tasks while you are behind the wheel will help keep you safer and keep your auto insurance in Edmonton lower.


Put your phone away and turn off your data. No phone call or online occurrence is more important than focusing on the road in front of you. If someone is desperately trying to reach you, they will leave a voicemail or text message that you can safely check when you arrive at your destination or pull over safely. If you are late meeting someone, let them know in advance of getting into the car, rather than trying to dial or speed-text while driving.

Go hands-free

If you cannot feasibly cut off your communication with the outside world while driving, use a Bluetooth or other hands-free device that allows you to answer calls safely. Many newer cars will automatically connect with your phone and you can set up speed dials to easily access the people with whom you are the most likely to speak. If texts are vital, set up an automated option that will read them to you. Focusing on the other cars and where you are going should remain your number one priority at all times when you operate a vehicle. These hands-free options should be located within close proximity, such as your dashboard, console or visor, so continue keeping your actual phone out of reach to avoid temptation.

Pre-eats and pre-sets

Many people like to squeeze in a snack while driving, but doing so inevitably requires at least one hand off the wheel and, likely, for you to look away from the road. You also face the possibility of spilling something and enticing even further distraction. Simply put: eat before you start the car. And, when it comes to music or other entertainment, choose a station you love or connect your iPod with customized songs before you get going so you do not need to fiddle around with the radio. Your auto insurance in Edmonton will certainly increase following a distracted driving accident for which you are responsible.

Keep your car clean

Particularly in the wintertime, it is important to ensure you thoroughly clean off the exterior of your car before you start driving and realize your view is obstructed. Windshield wipers cannot reach every area and some patches are harder to remove because they are frozen. Keep a brush in your trunk or backseat with a scraper on the other end to avoid problems. Furthermore, regularly tidying up the inside of your car can also help deter distractions if you need to find something quickly.

Always keep safety in mind

When it comes to driving, no one is immune to potential dangers. Try reminding yourself that everyone who has suffered an accident from distracted driving, whether wrecking their car, sustaining serious injuries or causing harm to others, did not expect it to happen to them. Safe driving is more important than whatever you are doing―and good habits are rewarded by lower auto insurance in Edmonton.