Should You Buy Year Round Motorcycle Insurance?

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Nothing compares to the utter and complete freedom of riding your motorcycle. It’s you, the machine, and the road. You can feel every turn through your bike, the wind blowing against you, and the scenery rushing by. Using your motorbike can be the way you commute, take day trips or go on long adventures. Whether you use your motorbike solo, with a passenger or with a group, your motorbike is an expression of you.

You know better than anyone that having a motorcycle isn’t just about being on the road. It’s also about the gear, care of the bike, and protection for you. Rainy days may be an opportunity to tinker on your bike, making it run smooth so you can make your time on the road everything it should be. Rainy days can also be times to look inquire about whether you are getting the best motorcycle insurance in Edmonton for your needs.

What are the Benefits of Year Round Motorcycle Insurance?

Insurers are aware that your motorbike is not used in the winter, so this is already reflected in the cost of the year’s policy. The plan to distribute costs of the insurance premium throughout the year is one that lowers your financial responsibility.

Plus, depending on your motorcycle insurance, you may have coverage that is additional to what is legally required. Damage, deterioration, fire and theft are all things that can still happen when your motorbike is safely stored. Insurance can safeguard you against human error, weather hazards, and other failures in storage facilities. Having a complete comprehensive and collision insurance policy package can lessen the impact of problems that may occur while you are not riding.

With year round motorcycle insurance, you also have the opportunity to maximize the road time with your motorbike. Given the sporadic weather patterns in the last few years, you may have more opportunities to ride your motorbike than you initially thought. An unusually warm day in spring or fall that’s perfect for riding can be used for just that. This would be better than a day where you are cursing, wishing you could be riding your motorbike on the road.

What are the Drawbacks of Not Taking out Year Round Motorcycle Insurance?

If you cancel your policy for winter, you create uncertainty for yourself about whether you will be insured when the sun is shining, and the roads are open. It’s a legal requirement to carry motorcycle insurance when you use your motorbike, but it is a service that insurers are not obliged to provide.

Also, cancelling your insurance for winter puts insurance providers in a situation where they will reevaluate your insurance policy when you return to them. You could be facing higher rates, premiums, deductibles and less advantageous coverage. Especially if you’ve had a past claim, cancelling for winter could work out to cost you more money.

If you cancel your motorcycle insurance early, an insurance provider may also apply a cancellation fee to compensate. The negative consequences of cancelling your insurance during the winter can be especially high.

Also, with stop-and-go coverage, you will need to re-establish your insurance, which can bring unwanted hassle and higher costs. Insurance companies prefer long standing clients without claims and reward them with lower premiums, so your costs can decrease or not increase by being a long term client.

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