Do your summer recreational vehicles have the right insurance?

Insurance Brokers in Edmonton

After a long Edmonton winter, there’s nothing better than getting out and enjoying the warm weather. And for many people, that means spending time outdoors and putting their recreational vehicles to good use. But before you start planning your summer activities, it’s important to make sure that all your recreational vehicles are properly insured. Keep reading to learn more about how to protect yourself throughout the summer season.

Types of vehicles covered under home insurance

Certain types of recreational vehicles can be insured separately, or as part of your home insurance. Your home insurance policy provides you with property and liability coverage even when you travel. The types of vehicles that can be included in your home’s policy might include:

Our team of insurance brokers in Edmonton can help you find the best type of coverage at the most affordable price so you can enjoy peace of mind all summer long.

Types of coverage to choose from

When comparing different insurance quotes from insurance brokers in Edmonton, there are a number of coverage options that you’ll want to consider.

  • All-risk coverage. Also known as comprehensive coverage, this type of coverage insures you in the event of property damage resulting from any situation that has not already been specifically excluded. All-risks coverage provides the greatest level of protection and covers the widest range of scenarios.
  • Liability coverage. If someone (or something they own) is harmed during an incident on your property, their loss and your legal costs would be covered under liability coverage. Liability insurance is mandatory in the province of Alberta. It’s generally recommended that you have at least $1 million in coverage to protect yourself from the risks associated with operating a summer recreational vehicle.

Update your policy

Are you still using the same boat insurance you got years ago? You might not be as protected as you think. The insurance brokers at HDF Insurance can help you make sure that you’re getting the best coverage at the best price. We can help you build a customized policy that covers everything from the time you spend out on the water, to your boat’s trailer and equipment, winter storage, marina storage and more.

For more information about the coverage options available with your home insurance policy, visit HDF Insurance today. HDF Insurance has proudly served Edmonton and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. Our insurance brokers know the market and will work with you to find the best coverage at the best rate. Contact us today to learn more about the insurance products we offer or to request a free quote.