What to know before you go off-roading this winter

Vehicle Insurance in Edmonton

As Canadians, we know how to make the most out of our winter months. One great way to get outdoors in the snow is by going off-roading. Whether it’s on a snowmobile or an ATV, there’s no getting around the fact that, while they’re fun, they’re also high-risk activities. That’s why the province of Alberta has rules about who can use recreational vehicles and how they can be used. Before you explore the great white north this winter, take a moment to check if you have the correct licensing, registration, and vehicle insurance from an Edmonton brokerage.

We at HDF Insurance would like to remind you about the rules for safely operating a recreational vehicle this winter. For complete information on what you need to safely and legally go off-roading, check out Alberta’s Off-highway Vehicle Regulations. Just a few of the more important points include:

  • Licenses

    Unlike some other provinces, all operators of off-highway vehicles in Alberta must have a driver’s license of some kind. This is not required, however, if the vehicle is driven exclusively on private land.

  • Helmet

    Helmets are required of all operators driving on public land. Furthermore, all helmets must meet the CSA, DOT (Standard 218), BSI, or ECE standards. Helmets not meeting these standards should not be sold or bought in Alberta.

  • Age

    Unless you’re driving your snowmobile on your own property, all drivers must be at least 14 years old. Younger drivers may, however, operate a vehicle under the direct supervision of someone over the age of 18.

  • Safety

    Unless otherwise specified by local laws, recreational vehicles are not allowed on Alberta highways. That being said, they are allowed to cross highways as long as the proper procedures are followed. These include:

    1. Recreational vehicles must stop before crossing a highway.
    2. Any passengers must dismount the vehicle.
    3. Driver must yield to all highway traffic before proceeding across the highway.
    4. When crossing, the driver must take the shortest route to the other side.
    5. A license is not required to drive a recreational vehicle across a highway.

  • Vehicle Insurance

    Insurance is required to operate a recreational vehicle around Edmonton and the rest of Alberta.

If you’re looking for insurance quotes in the Edmonton area, from car insurance to snowmobile insurance, contact us today. We at HDF Insurance can get you the best prices on all your insurance needs.