New Regulations about Flying drones: What you need to know

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Drone regulations in Canada recently underwent a major overhaul. If you own a drone, or plan to get one, it’s very important that you familiarize yourself with the new rules. Otherwise you risk incurring fines as high as $3,000 or even facing jail time.

The new regulations adopted by the Canadian government take effect on June 1. They come in the wake of the chaos generated at Gatwick Airport in the U.K. in December, where the presence of drones in the airspace led to hundreds of flights being cancelled.

A drone colliding with an airplane is a very serious concern and could result in damage to the cockpit or engine. The consequences of such an occurrence could be fatal. Following these new drone regulations are even more important for the safety of everyone.

New Rules for Flying Drones: the Principal Changes

Here are the key changes to the law. They apply to the use of any drones weighing over 250 grams.

  • You must be 14 or older to operate a drone.
  • You must obtain a drone licence. This involves the completion of an online test.
  • You must register your drone (the cost is $10).
  • You’re prohibited from flying your drone near airports and emergency scenes.
  • You can’t operate a drone if you’ve consumed alcohol or drugs within the past 12 hours.

In addition, if the drone weighs more than 25 kilograms, you will need permission from Transport Canada to operate it.

Additional Changes to the Drone Laws

Here are some of the other aspects of the new law governing drone flight.

  • You will need a special certificate if you plan to fly your drone out of your range of vision.
  • You’re prohibited from flying your drone in weather conditions that impact visibility, or when frost, ice or snow can become stuck to the device.
  • Your drone will need to be equipped with special lights if you fly it at night.

For a full overview of the new rules, visit the Government of Canada website. If you’re a drone owner, it’s important that you’re familiar with and adhere to all the new regulations. You’ll avoid getting fined and, most importantly, ensure the safety of those around you.

Can I Get Insurance for My Drone?

Large aircraft can’t be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, but in some cases it’s possible to protect small hobby drones under this plan. Inquire with your insurance broker to find out more.

Drones used commercially, however, legally require liability insurance. Additionally, accident insurance may be purchased to protect against possible loss of your drone.

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