It’s Blizzard Season: Are You Properly Insured?

Snow falling in winter road Edmonton

Due to climate change, winter storms are getting harsher and sudden heavy snowfalls are increasingly common. Alberta homeowners need to ensure that they’re well prepared for winter. This means having insurance coverage that protects you from damage and losses associated with winter weather.

In this article, we go over some of the most common damages and losses that affect homeowners during winter and indicate whether your standard home insurance policy protects you from them.

Damage Due to Fallen Trees
In winter, frigid temperatures cause trees and branches to freeze and become brittle, and the high winds of winter blizzards can cause them to break and damage homes or vehicles. Fortunately, if your home is damaged by fallen trees or branches, you’ll be covered for such losses under a standard home insurance policy.

If your car is damaged by fallen trees, branches or wind-swept debris, you’ll only be covered if you have comprehensive auto insurance, which is optional in Alberta.

Leaking Caused by Ice Dams
In winter, the heat from inside your home permeates through your roof and causes built-up snow to melt and drain. The problem is that this water can freeze along the edge of the roof, causing a dam to form. Over time, water trapped behind an ice dam can seep through your roof and cause structural damage.

Your home insurance includes some form of water damage coverage. However, it may or may not extend to damage caused by ice damming. In some cases, this protection is an add-on.

Flooding from Melting Snow
In a standard home insurance policy, flooding caused by melting ice and snow is considered overland flooding and isn’t covered. As this is one of the most common causes of flooding, homeowners should consider getting coverage as an add-on. With the flooding problems that Alberta has experienced over the last decade, most insurance companies in the province now offer this type of coverage.

Lawsuits from Slip-and-Fall Accidents
After winter storms, driveways and walkways are covered with ice and snow and are hazardous for pedestrians. Even if you diligently shovel, salt and sand these surfaces, there’s always the possibility that someone slips and falls on a little patch that you missed, exposing you to a liability claim. That’s why it’s very important to have ample liability coverage as part of your home insurance policy.

Customized Home Insurance in Edmonton and Whitecourt

To tailor your home insurance policy so you’re protected against expensive losses this winter, work with the experienced Edmonton insurance brokers at HDF Insurance. For a free quote or for more specific details about home insurance policies, contact us today.