Is an E-scooter Rider Covered for Accidents?

e-scooter at rest in Edmonton

Hopping on an e-scooter is a fun way to get around, but users should be aware that they may not be insured for accidents where they’re at fault. In addition, scooter riders are at risk of injury. If you plan to use Lime or Bird scooters in Edmonton, or if you’re already a user, here’s some key information around e-scooter accidents and insurance.

What Are the Dangers of E-scooters?
It’s important to be aware that e-scooter accidents and injuries are regular occurrences. In Calgary, within the span of a month (July 10 to August 9), Alberta Health Services reported 200 scooter-related emergency room visits.

Some of the more important risk factors are:

  • Scooters can be a challenge to operate, especially for new users
  • Drivers and cyclists aren’t used to sharing the road or bike paths with scooters
  • Many users choose not to wear a helmet, as doing so isn’t mandatory in Edmonton

Common scooter injuries include fractures, lacerations and head trauma.

Who Pays After an E-scooter Accident?
If you injure a pedestrian, damage someone’s property or cause a car accident while operating an e-scooter, you’re held responsible. That means that you — or your insurer, in the case where you’re covered — will be left to pay. This is outlined in Bird’s and Lime’s terms and conditions, which users agree to when they download the companies’ apps.

However, if any accident occurs as a result of a faulty scooter, the responsibility falls to the scooter companies. An investigation will be carried out to determine fault in such circumstances.

Note also that if you ride in a non-designated area or endanger pedestrians, the city may issue you fine.

What Insurance Is Available to E-scooter Riders?
If your homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance policy includes liability insurance, you may be covered in the event that you hit and injure another person. Talk with your insurer or insurance broker to find out whether this is case and to learn more about what you are and aren’t covered for as a scooter user.

If you plan to use Edmonton’s e-scooters and you don’t have liability insurance, now may be the time to add this type of coverage to your current policy. If you have liability insurance but it doesn’t cover this kind of risk, you may consider upgrading your coverage or changing your insurance policy.

Insurance Advice in Edmonton
If you’d like to know whether you’re adequately covered for scooter accidents, or if you want to obtain customized coverage, reach out to the experienced Edmonton insurance brokers at HDF Insurance. For expert advice or a free insurance quote, contact us today.