How to choose an insurance broker

Looking for insurance? Whether it’s auto, home, health, travel, business or life insurance coverage that you need, finding the best rates in and around Edmonton is easiest when you go through a brokerage. If you’ve never worked with a broker before, this is what you need to know.

What is an insurance broker?

An insurance broker is a professional who has the training and connections necessary to get you the maximum insurance coverage possible at the lowest available rate. They network with various insurance providers and compare an assortment of quotes in order to guarantee you get the best deal on the market. Often, they are privy to information that customers won’t easily find on their own, making them powerful allies in thriftily securing insurance.

6 Guidelines for choosing an insurance broker

There are many brokers and brokerages offering their services in the greater Edmonton area. So how do you choose one? Consider looking into the following:

  1. Referrals. Put the word out to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and social media networks that you’re looking for an insurance broker. Ask them what brokerage they work with and whether or not they’d recommend it. Nothing vouches for an insurance broker like a satisfied client.
  2. Online reviews. In conjunction with getting word-of-mouth referrals, perusing online reviews can also be a good way to gather information on which brokers provide the best service.
  3. Qualifications. To become insurance brokers, individuals must be licensed. Always make sure the insurance broker you choose has the necessary qualifications.
  4. Types of insurance. Not every brokerage offers the same line of products. It’s best to work with a broker who can help you get all the insurance products you require, including both personal and commercial. The more you can bundle, the more you’ll save.
  5. Insurance provider connections. The greater the number of insurance providers your broker works with, the better. It’s best if your broker is connected with half a dozen or more providers.
  6. Call at least three brokers. These calls aren’t about getting insurance quotes, but rather about gaining a sense of the quality of service offered. Assess how each broker answers your questions in terms of clarity and politeness. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the broker you choose.

HDF Insurance

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