Can You Travel With Legal Cannabis?

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The legalization of cannabis in Canada, as well as in some US states has led to a plethora of rules and regulations around where and how cannabis can be purchased, possessed, consumed and transported.  When traveling, it is best to inform yourself of the rules for the jurisdiction to which you are traveling in order to stay in compliance with the law.

The following is provided for information only and should not be taken as legal advice. When looking for information online, be sure to make sure the source you are checking is current and credible as laws surrounding cannabis are rapidly changing.  Be sure you are looking up laws on official government websites, not unofficial sources that may be inaccurate or outdated.

Can I Travel with Recreational Cannabis Within Canada?

Yes. Whether traveling by car or air, individuals can transport recreational cannabis within Canada, so long as they are complying with other laws regarding possession. This includes ensuring you do not possess more than the legal limit of cannabis (30 grams of dried cannabis or the equivalent as defined in Schedule 3 of the Cannabis Act), the cannabis is in a legal form such as dried flower or concentrate and does not yet include baked into “edibles” such as brownies or gummies, and the cannabis was legally purchased or produced lawfully in a jurisdiction that allows home growing.  Provided you are in compliance with the laws and regulations surrounding possessing cannabis, you may travel with that cannabis product.

There are various rules as to how cannabis can be transported in different Canadian provinces.  In general, cannabis must not be accessible to the driver or occupants and must be stored in a sealed container. The Criminal Code of Canada makes driving while impaired by cannabis a serious criminal offence and should be avoided.

When traveling within Canada, it is important to note that each province has its own laws around where cannabis products can be consumed. Some provinces, such as Alberta and British Columbia prohibit smoking marijuana where tobacco is restricted, in cars and around children.  In other provinces, such as Manitoba and New Brunswick, public consumption is illegal and the only place to legally consume cannabis is in a private residence.

Can I Transport Recreational Cannabis Outside of Canada?

No! Whether flying or driving, when traveling outside of Canada, leave your cannabis and related products at home. The Government of Canada is clear that transporting cannabis outside of Canada is illegal. This is true whether the cannabis is for recreational or medical purposes.  Attempting to transport cannabis products outside of Canada may also result in criminal charges in another country.

It should be noted that while cannabis has been legalized in several US states, it remains illegal federally.  Even if you are travelling to a state where cannabis is legal, post-security areas in US airports fall under the jurisdiction of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a body of the federal government.  As the TSA notes, law enforcement will become involved if marijuana or other illegal drugs are discovered by security.

Cannabis remains illegal is most other countries, and with some treating possession as a very serious criminal offence.  At the end of the day, if travelling outside of Canada, leave your cannabis and cannabis related products at home.

Cannabis Purchased in US States

If traveling in the US, you can purchase cannabis products and consume them in states where cannabis is legalized.  Cannabis has been legalized in 11 US states, including the border states of Washington, Michigan, Vermont, and Maine, and popular tourist destinations including California and Nevada.

Cannabis legally purchased in the United States or elsewhere cannot be transported back into Canada, by car, airplane or any other means. If you are travelling between states where cannabis has been legalized, such as travel between Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington you may be able to take cannabis purchased in another state with you.  You will want to check the laws surrounding how cannabis must be stored, where it can be consumed, what forms of cannabis are legal and what amounts you can lawfully possess. These laws vary state by state. So, if your travel takes you through a state where cannabis remains illegal, do not transport cannabis with you.

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