Why Apple Schools thinks teaching children healthy habits from an early age is the best form of medicine

Apple Schools initiative in Alberta

For most parents, there’s nothing more important than the overall health and well-being of their children. But good health isn’t a given in life; it’s something that we all have to work at. Keep reading to find out why it’s so important to teach your children healthy habits from a young age and learn about one program that’s striving to do just that.

About Apple Schools

Apple schools was created by Dr. Allan Markin and a team of researchers from the University of Alberta in 2007. It is a cost-effective, evidence-based and student-focused health initiative that teaches children in schools all over Northern Alberta the importance of developing healthy eating habits, getting enough physical activity and taking care of their mental health.

The core focus of Apple Schools is to improve the health and nutrition of vulnerable students in an effort to prevent chronic diseases related to childhood obesity. Apple Schools estimates that the $16 million investment into this initiative will save more than $233 million dollars in future health insurance costs related to mental health and obesity.

Since it was first implemented, more than 16,500 students in 63 schools across Northern Alberta have benefited from the program. The success experienced in the province has encouraged funders to expand Apple Schools into Edmonton, Calgary and other major cities in Alberta as well as Manitoba, the North West Territories and possibly British Columbia.

Your health and your insurance

Your child’s potential for future achievement, success and happiness, is connected to their health as an adult. And the healthier they are as children, the more likely it is that they will grow up to be healthy adults. There’s simply no way around it, health has a major influence on quality of life.

Your health can also have a big impact on your life and health insurance quotes. Many common health concerns related to weight and obesity (like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease) can lead to higher health insurance quotes or even the refusal of your insurance application. Protect your children from these future obstacles by encouraging healthy habits early on.

Supporting the local community

The team of insurance brokers at HDF Insurance in Edmonton supports the local community, not only by offering health insurance options that keep individuals, families and businesses in all circumstances covered, but also by supporting the healthy development of local young people with programs such as Apple Schools. Contact one of our insurance brokers today to learn more about our auto, home, business, travel and health insurance products.