All You Need to Know about Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance in Canada is a specialty form of auto insurance that not all companies offer. The risks of costly accidents are a key reason why some insurers don’t offer motorcycle insurance. According to safety data, the average motorcyclist gets into an accident once every five years. This doesn’t include unreported minor collisions, which also can lead to personal injuries.

Those who do cover motorcyclists typically insure all factory-build motorcycles, classic motorcycles, motor-scooters, and other two or three-wheeled vehicles including trail bikes licensed for use on public roads.

Motorcycle Specific Information

Key elements in determining the insurance rate include the motorcycle make, model, year, size, passenger capacity, type of bike, years of experience driving and previous convictions. Standard bikes and cruisers generally cost less than sport bikes to insure. Some “sports” bikes carry a surcharge above the regular insurance premium due to the higher risk associated with high-performance/sport models.

It can be difficult to place a value on custom, vintage or collectible motorcycles and for this reason even insurance companies that offer motorcycle insurance will sometimes not agree to cover them. Adding after-market components to your motorcycle can increase the motorbike’s value so make sure you tell your insurance company about these enhancements if you want them covered.

Planned Use

It also makes a difference in your insurance if you plan to carry cargo or tow a trailer. The fact that motorcycles are used seasonally in Canada is already factored into most annual motorcycle insurance rates. As such, it is best to make inquiries about the cost of insurance over the winter months before making changes.


In Alberta, third party liability is required by law for all motorized vehicles on the road. This coverage responds if an accident that is your fault happens and the other driver or a passenger is seriously injured or killed. Your liability insurance protects you against such lawsuits only up to the limits in your insurance policy. For this reason, and due to the high incidence of motorcycle accidents, at least $1 million in liability coverage is typically provided but $2 million in coverage is highly recommended.

Accident benefits

Coverage for basic accidents benefits is required for you and your passenger(s). In order to qualify for motorcycle accident benefits, you must be injured in a motorbike accident, but that accident doesn’t need to involve a collision with another vehicle.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

At HDF we always include the SEF 44 rider to every vehicle insurance policy we sell. The SEF 44 is what protects you in the event that you are in a collision with an uninsured driver (they are at fault) and you or your passengers are injured. If this happens, the SEF 44 will respond and cover your damages up to the limit of liability included in your own policy. It’s important to consider this when deciding what limit of liability insurance you want for yourself.

Loss or Damage – Collision Insurance

Collision coverage entails repair or replacement of your vehicle. Opting for a higher deductible will lower the premium. You will need to assess the value of your bike and the cost of potential repairs in selecting the deductible you can afford.

Loss or Damage – Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers the vehicle against situations that tend to occur off the road when the vehicle is parked, such as fire, theft and vandalism.

Other Optional Coverage

Rental vehicle reimbursement, towing and transport and roadside assistance are options you may want as part of your motorcycle insurance policy. Not every policy includes these so it’s best to inquire.


Many insurance companies offer discounts for being claims-free, having driver’s education courses, having a good driving record, being a member of a motorcycle associations, having anti-theft devices, multiple-vehicles and multiple-policies (e.g., home and auto where applicable). Some insurance companies will charge lower interest when payment is made in full at the start of the policy term.

Finding Affordable Insurance

When comparing motorcycle insurance rates, it is important to examine what the policy offers and not just the final price. You need to be aware of the required insurance and optional coverage plans available according to policy types. At HDF Insurance, we draw from several insurance companies to locate quality motorcycle insurance rates that are affordable. We ensure that you obtain the insurance you are legally required to have and explain the benefits of other options available to you. We help to find you discounts you may not even know exist. Contact our insurance brokers for a free Alberta motorcycle insurance quote. We can provide a quote for you online or by phone.