10 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance in Edmonton

Save money on car insurance in Edmonton, Alberta

There are many ways to save money on car insurance in Edmonton. The type of vehicle you drive, who insures it, and the coverage you have, all contribute to higher or lower premiums, with the difference amounting to hundreds of dollars each year.

Here are 10 tips to help lower your auto insurance rates.

  1. Choose your vehicle wisely: The type of car you drive has a significant impact on your auto insurance rates. Your insurance provider looks at the cost of claims for that particular make and model as well as how often it is stolen. Selecting a low risk car can help lower your premiums.
  2. Compare quotes: Shopping around takes time but it is worth it. It not only helps find the best car insurance rates in Edmonton but is also a way to ensure that you are not overpaying. Many people do not do this because it takes time and effort. However you could request car insurance quotes online or work with an established insurance brokerage that will do all the homework for you.
  3. Pay per year: Making monthly payments can work out to be a lot more than an annual lump sum payment. This is because some insurance companies charge extra to cover the cost of processing payments every month.
  4. Install winter tires: They offer up to 50% more traction giving you better control of your vehicle in snowy and icy driving conditions. That is why some insurance companies offer discounts for using them.
  5. Encourage new drivers to take an accredited driver’s education course: New and young driver insurance can be expensive. A recognized driver’s education course teaches safe driving skills which apart from giving you an initial discount, contributes to responsible driving and lower insurance rates every year. Some insurance companies also offer a “good student” discount.
  6. Get multi-vehicle discounts: Insurance companies offer discounts for customers insuring more than vehicle. This will help you save a percentage on separate policies.
  7. Buy your home, business and auto insurance from the same company: Many insurance providers will give you discounts if you “bundle” two or more insurance policies. Before you move everything over, check the rates to determine if the savings are worth it.
  8. Ask about group insurance rates: Some companies offer reductions for auto insurance through a group plan from their employers or through professional, business and other associations.
  9. Maintain a clean driving record: Drivers with no at-fault accidents and tickets will pay less than those with a record of driving violations. It is the simplest way to get access to cheaper car insurance in Edmonton.
  10. Review your coverage regularly: Every year, you should review your optional coverages to determine if it makes sense to keep them. For example, if your drive an older vehicle, examine the collision or comprehensive coverage. If the deductible is more than the value of the car, this optional coverage might not be worth it. Each policy and provider has different terms and conditions, so check what works for you.

Find the Lowest Rates for Car Insurance in Edmonton

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