Rental Car Insurance – Do You Really Need it?

It’s surprising how many inquiries we get about rental car insurance. What most people don’t know is that rental car insurance is typically an extension of your personal auto insurance. If you have full coverage (including collision) on your vehicle, that protection most likely extends to physical damage that may occur with a rental vehicle as well. In fact, major credit cards also offer rental car insurance as part of their coverage features. Read the fine print.

Check Your Auto / Car Insurance Policy Before Your Purchase Rental Car Insurance

Rental car companies are quick to sell customers rental insurance. Though relatively low in cost, it is a very lucrative commodity for this industry. We strongly advise, however, that the next time you rent an automobile, you check your auto insurance policy for rental applications. If you have your car insurance with HDF, we’d be happy to check your policy and clarify whether you need to purchase separate rental car insurance.

What about Rental Liability Insurance?

Rental liability insurance is also an extension of your regular car insurance. Check your policy.

While we would be happy to sell you rental car insurance, we pride ourselves on great customer service and integrity; therefore, we won’t sell you a product that you don’t need! If you have any questions about rental car insurance or rental liability insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

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