Therapy Assistant Association of Alberta

The Therapy Assistant Association of Alberta (THAAA), promotes the title of Therapy Assistant as opposed to Therapist Assistant. Their professional training and experience provides them with the expertise to provide direct patient care in support of the process of therapy, as opposed to being an assistant to the therapist.

Therapy Assistants work in a variety of settings such as a Physical Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Speech-Language Pathologist Therapy Assistant or Recreation Therapy Assistant.


Prorated (half term) premiums will be available effective June 25, 2019 for applications on or after June 25. Coverage will be effective until March 1 the following year. Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding the upcoming prorated premiums. Insurance premium payments are 100% earned from the date of purchase.

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Program Highlights Include:

All plans include:

  • $6 million in Professional Liability (includes $300,000 in Disciplinary Defense cost all with no deductible) for $75
  • Security & Privacy limit of $50,000
  • Penal Legal Costs up to $300,000
  • “Legal Guard” telephone assistance
  • Therapy and counselling endorsement up to $20,000 per claim (What is this?)
    The Insurer shall pay for the therapy and counselling of a sexually abused patient when an “Insured” has been found to be at fault by the Discipline Committee of the Alberta College of Occupational Therapists. The maximum amount of liability of the Insurer under the present endorsement shall be $20,000 per claim.

Add on either:

  • $2 million General Liability (includes Libel and Slander coverage) for additional $140
  • $5 million General Liability (includes Libel and Slander coverage) for additional $220

THAAA Coverage Program & Requirements

You must be a Certified Member of THAAA to be eligible for this coverage. The requirements for Certified Members are as follows:

  • Support the purpose and objectives of the THAAA
  • Submit a completed application form to the Board
  • Pay fees as designated by the Board
  • Have a Therapy/Rehabilitation Diploma from a recognized institution in OT, PT, SLP or RT, AND/OR
  • Have worked as an OT, PT, SLP or RT Assistant a minimum of 3000 hours of supervised practice over 3 years
  • Maintain certification by completing the annual continuing competence requirements
  • Currently meet the requirements of a Practicing Member (see below)
    • Be currently employed as a Therapy/Rehabilitation Assistant in one of the four disciplines in Alberta or
    • Have been employed as a Therapy/Rehabilitation Assistant in one of the four disciplines (OT, PT, SLP or RT)
      1. within the past two years
      2. can provide evidence of that employment
      3. currently resides in Alberta

You can learn more about the THAAA categories and requirements here.

Professional (Malpractice) Liability Insurance

A complaint may be made against you by a client. You may also be sued in a civil suit as a result of perceived professional error or omission. You may even be charged by police. Regardless of the validity of the complaint, suit, or charge, legal expenses are likely to be incurred related to investigation and defense processes or any disciplinary penalties Are you protected in the event of such challenges and related costs?

Comprehensive or Commercial General Liability

This form of protection complements your professional liability insurance by insuring claims which are not professional in nature including bodily injury, property damage,libel and slander to a limit of $2 million or $5 million as per your request. If you practice independently and/or are not covered by employer general liability insurance make sure you explore the important protection of this option.

Other Program Benefits:

Our plan for Certified Members of THAAA offers multiple benefits. You can read more on each of these below.

Important Information

Please note that you must be a Certified Member of THAAA in order to apply for this insurance coverage.

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Claims Made Policies

As the name indicates, Claims Made Policies provide coverage for claims made in the period the policy is in force. Claims made policies provide coverage only so long as the insured continues to pay premiums for the initial policy and any subsequent renewals.

Once premiums stop the coverage stops for any claims not known or made to the insurance company during the coverage period.

What this means to the policy owner is that there is a risk of an unknown or unreported claim being made long after the policy period and not being covered because the claim was made outside of the coverage period.

To continue coverage after the coverage period, the policy owner must purchase an Extended Reporting Endorsement: this is an endorsement that extends the claims reporting period after the policy is ended. The Extended Reporting Endorsement must be purchased to continue any risk protection afforded under the policy.

In the event of retirement, it is recommended that the Extended Reporting Endorsement should be purchased.

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