Liability Insurance for Association Members

The fastest growing industry in Canada is the Information Technology sector, and the Insurance Industry is struggling to keep up with the changing exposures. Internet law, e-commerce, computer viruses, and copyright infringement all create new challenges for companies operating in these areas.

Even the traditional General Liability and Professional Liability policies do not fully respond to clients’ needs.

With Lloyd’s Of London (Creechurch International Underwriters), we are pleased to announce the development of a Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Policy for the Information Technology Industry which offers broad protection for the various liabilities they face. This unique program is underwritten by HDF Insurance.

Prospective Insureds

Include any company which provides one/more of the following products or services

  • Information Technology related services to others
  • Design, manufacture, development, sale and distribution of computer software and/or hardware products
  • Internet related services to others. This includes internet provider services, design construction and maintenance of an Internet site, development and/or installation of encryption software, electronic mail services and/or development and/or maintenance of chat rooms or bulletin boards, or other related activities.

Because mistakes happen, Professional Liability Insurance should constitute an integral piece of your insurance protection program. It protects you in many situations where a client or another party simply isn’t prepared to overlook a mistake which may have resulted in their financial loss.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) is also optionally available to cover against losses for Bodily Injury or Property Damage, which you may also be held responsible for. Your Legal Defense expenses are included in this low group price.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Member of approved IT Association or Approved IT Placement Agency
  • No previous Professional Liability claims/losses
  • Consultant must use a written contract in normal course of business
  • Ineligible Industries include those who provide services to the following. Defense, Aviation, Navigation, Nuclear-related, Traffic Control, Electronic Publishing (excepting incidental), Electronic Fund Transfer, Controls for manufacturing process CAD/CAM, Engineering Consulting firms who provide incidental computer consulting service firms.

Our IT Professional Liability insurance provides the following coverages:

  • Financial loss arising from design or manufacturing error
  • Financial loss from an act, error or omission by the Insured in the provision of professional services
  • Delay in delivery due to act, error or omission
  • Internet related liability including
    • Unauthorized Access
    • Computer Virus
    • Libel, Defamation, Slander
    • Civil Liability for Criminal Acts of others using your Network
    • Disparagement, Harm to Reputation, Character or Feelings
    • Product/Trade Disparagement
    • Invasion/Infringement/Interference with Right of Privacy
    • Plagiarism, Misappropriation, Piracy
    • Negligent Misstatement
    • Electronic Funds transfer Errors and Omissions

Optional Coverage

  • Bodily Injury or Property Damage arising from design error – must be written with Creechurch CGL
  • Slogan/Trademark/Copyright Infringement, not Patent

*** For exact details of coverage provided, please review the policy wordings

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