Canadian Information Processing Society

CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society), headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, is the professional association for Information Technology (IT) practitioners in Canada.

Founded in 1958, CIPS is a non-profit organization that represents more than 8000 IT professionals (in 25 sections across the country) on important issues affecting the IT industry and profession.

CIPS is a dynamic organization focused on IT excellence through its work on public policy, setting standards within the profession and providing IT support to its community.

Extended Health & Dental Plan

The CIPS Extended Health & Dental Plan contains a feature called COST PLUS. COST PLUS allows you to run medical & dental expenses not covered under the plan, through your corporate structure as a legitimate business expense. This creates a business “write off” and therefore leaves more money in your personal (after tax) pocket.

Extended Health & Dental Plan