Association of Change Management Professionals

The Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) is a professional association dedicated to advancing the discipline of change management.


All premiums collected are fully earned by the insurer, no refunds available for early cancellation.

Renewals and coverage for the upcoming term will be available for purchase effective July 1st every year. Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding the upcoming term.

Please note that prorated premiums will only be applied on a quarterly basis.

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Program Highlights:

All plans include:

  • Up to $5 million in Professional Liability
  • Up to $5 million in Commercial General Liability (including Libel and Slander coverage)
  • Optional Content coverage up to $25,000 ( Learn More)
  • Premiums as low as $575/year for both Commercial General and Professional Liability
  • Legal Guard ( Learn More)
  • Cyber protection ( Learn More)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our comprehensive program for ACMP members can lead to a few questions. Here are the answers to the most common questions.

What Is Professional Liability Insurance And Why Do I Need It?
Professional Liability Insurance or Errors & Omissions (E&O) protects you in the event a third party (ie client) makes a claim against you or your practice arising out your professional service. The policy will respond to liability from negligence while rendering or failure to render professional service. E&O insurance provides claims assistance and legal representation. The limit of insurance purchased covers both legal defense costs and damages awarded to a third party.

What Is The Difference Between Professional Liability Insurance And Commercial General Liability Insurance?
As mentioned above, professional liability insurance covers you from negligently rendering or failing to render professional service. Commercial General Liability insurance or (CGL) provides coverage for claims brought against you by third parties alleging bodily injury, personal injury and property damage for which you are legally liable. CGL insurance protects you for their non-professional exposures. For example, a client that slips and falls on your premise with claim against your CGL insurance. CGL is designed to work with and not duplicate coverage from professional liability insurance.

Am I Covered Anywhere In The World?
Only wrongful acts committed in Canada and suits brought in Canada and the United States are covered. No Sub limit.

When can I stop carrying Professional Liability?
Your Professional Liability insurance policy is issued on a “claims-made and reported” basis, meaning that the policy in place at the time that the claim is reported is the policy that will respond.

If you are planning to retire (and will no longer be practicing), it is recommended that you protect yourself against future claims by purchasing Extended Reporting Period coverage. This can be done by contacting HDF Insurance, who can extend your policy for the desired length of time in order to provide coverage for future claims arising from prior incidents and exposures that occurred during your past occupational therapy practice.

What do I do in the event of a claim?
Prompt claims reporting is critical to the process of bringing claims to a successful resolution.

Members aware of any actual or potential claim must report it immediately. If a member receives a formal notice or statement of claim, the notice must be reported in writing to the insurer within 30 days. Please refrain from making any written or oral statements to the claimant, unless the insurer or adjuster advises to do so. Please do not offer to compensate a patient as such action could interfere legally with the management of a claim.

Should a member seek independent legal services for a potential claim, any fees associated with such services may not be recuperated under the policy limits unless notice has been provided to the insurer before such legal representation commences.

In the event of a potential claim or if a member is formally served with a statement of claim, members should follow the guidelines below:

Members Should

  • Immediately report any potential claim to HDF Insurance
  • Formally document the incident, including details of those involved
  • Submit any formal statement of claim to HDF Insurance
  • Report any regulatory investigations or notice of complaint within 30 days

Members Should Not

  • Speak with any third parties about the claim
  • Assume any legal fees before reporting a claim
  • Offer compensation to independently settle a claim
  • Amend or change any previous clinical records once a statement of claim has been received

Members who are aware of a potential claim should contact HDF Insurance immediately at 780-488-0921 or toll free 1-800-567-2048

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