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Insurance policies are essential for your home, business, vehicle, among others, as they offer protection from financial problems and other losses. It’s similar to the safety net that you can rely on when you encounter unexpected situations. At HDF Insurance in Edmonton, Alberta, we believe in giving you the right guidance to choose the right policy. Our brokers have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry that lets them share honest advice specifically about your needs.

Whether you need home or auto insurance, our full-service insurance brokerage has access to Canada’s leading insurance companies. We’ll work to find the best insurance solution at the best rates. Plus, our service is free! Get in touch to check out the insurance policies offered at HDF Insurance.

Let us find the best insurance solutions at the best rates for you

Want the best insurance policy? Then you need someone who’ll work for you to find the best insurance solution at the best rates. Whether you need home or auto insurance, our full-service insurance brokerage has access to Canada’s leading insurance companies and has them compete for your business. Plus, our service is free to you!


We make finding insurance easy for you

You are our top priority and that is the reason we do what we do. The market has a number of policies and as a layman, it becomes tedious and confusing to select the right insurance coverage. But, having a professional insurance broker makes the task easy. There’s no need to do the leg work yourself; let us do it for you at HDF Insurance. Our many years of experience allow us to be Edmonton insurance brokers who offer you the right amount of coverage to suit your budget and lifestyle. Whether you give us a call or pay us a visit, rest assured we’ll find the policy that’s right for you!

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Experience, expertise & Integrity
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To us at HDF, insurance is an investment in your future that offers you protection, security and peace of mind. Invest wisely with HDF Insurance, the Edmonton insurance brokers you can trust to look out for your best interests.

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Insurance Policies We Offer to Keep You Covered

Enjoying financial security and the benefit of well-being is an instant bonus of getting insurance coverage. Let us take a look at some insurance policies that we specially customize for you:

Health is wealth

The popular adage ‘Health is Wealth’ is considered to be very true in unforeseeable circumstances. In case of an accident or an emergency, you and your family must have the financial back up to keep you afloat. Government coverage has its limitations and having good health insurance goes a long way in keeping you protected.

Health Insurance

Protection that matters

Having a current and updated auto insurance is the law in Edmonton. Protection for your vehicle, passengers and other drivers in the vehicle are all covered under this. Our team of brokers handles all your needs personally and presents you with the best options.

Auto Insurance

Property coverage

After spending your hard-earned money to purchase your dream house, imagine leaving it uncovered to unexpected thefts, fires and other forms of damage. Well, home insurance is the first thing you need to purchase to ensure the safety of your home and prized possessions.

Home Insurance

Worry-free Travel

Are you planning a trip across the border? A sudden ailment or injury can hit even the best-made plans when traveling. We have travel insurance to defend you with complete emergency coverage at an affordable price, so you can travel worry-free anywhere in the world.

Travel Insurance

Safeguard your business

If you are a commercial business owner, then business insurance will safeguard your building and assets kept inside it. With your requirements in mind, we chalk out the most suitable coverage plan for your business or enterprise.

Business Insurance

Peace of mind

Life insurance provides you with options to help protect the financial future of your loved ones. There are three types of life insurance plans and our agents help you find the right one without any hassles.

Life Insurance



comprehensive insurance protection

Comprehensive Protection With Insurance in Edmonton

Insurance policies are our area of expertise and we believe in giving you what you need at the right time. We consider the risks, applicable discounts and recent changes and customize each plan suiting your requirements.

At HDF Insurance, we have a team of experienced and well-trained insurance brokers to handle all your insurance needs. Our team of agents come with a valid license and world of experience and knowledge. With access to policies from different insurance companies, we obtain different quotes, compare them and narrow down the one that is specific to your needs. This makes the process easy and stress-free for you. You can now request an insurance quote and compare premiums – all at the convenient click of a mouse!


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Trusted Insurance Brokers With Progressive Financial Options

Understanding the finer details of your insurance plan is crucial as there are many coverage options to choose from. Along with every policy, optional financial plans are offered. Keeping your needs in mind, your broker can help you grab the best one. If you need to add another vehicle to your auto insurance or there is property damage due to negligence, be rest assured that auto insurance policies have special plans for all. Similarly, under home insurance, you can get coverage for tenants, condos, mortgage protection, and so on. Such plans keep you and your property safe in an emergency. The insurance brokers at HDF Insurance familiarise you with all the flexible options so you can make an informed decision.

A Brand You Can Trust in Edmonton

A Brand You Can Trust in Edmonton

We make insurance easy by offering you the right solutions tailored to your individual needs, every time.


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A-Z Insurance Coverage

A-Z Insurance Coverage

From insuring your car to covering your retirement travels, we protect your life’s important moments.


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Insurance Resource Centre

Stay informed and get all the answers you need about your insurance coverage.


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Experience, Expertise and Integrity

Experience, Expertise and Integrity

Invest wisely with HDF Insurance, the insurance brokers you can trust to look out for your best interests.


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